Lemon Juice

Zitronensaft - Lemon Juice
Zitronensaft - Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is healthy for humans and is used for more than just mixing drinks. Its vitamin C content helps to detoxify our body.

Lemon juice is said to have a wide range of health benefits for our bodies. However, we do not always have access to fresh lemons, nor do we always have the time to squeeze the juice manually. Just a tiny hint of lemon flavor in the tea or meal?

There are numerous good reasons to use lemon juice – fresh or as concentrate.

What makes lemon juice so beneficial?

Even in its shelf-stable state from grocery store shelves or online retailers, lemon juice retains a number of crucial components that support the health and fitness of our bodies.

Vitamin C, which is known as a radical scavenger and helps to improve our immune system and connective tissue, makes up the majority of it.

The potassium in the fruit takes care of the electrolyte balance in the cells and has a diuretic and draining action, whereas the pectin in the fruit promotes a healthy and balanced intestinal flora and decreases cholesterol levels.

Additionally, strength and stamina are boosted since there is a pathway for the transfer of nerve impulses to the heart and muscles.

Is there a distinction between freshly squeezed lemon juice and bottle-concentrate lemon juice?

While the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon has roughly 7% calcium, lemon juice concentrate only has 3%, and the freshly squeezed lemon juice with a manual lemon squeezer has a 30% higher vitamin C content. However, a bottle of lemon juice containing 100 ml still provides an adult with the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C.

The juice additives that some producers add, partially to keep the juice from spoiling, are the most significant difference, though.

But there are significant variations. While some manufacturers can make do almost entirely without additives, other manufacturers’ content listings like an excerpt from a chemistry textbook.

But if you shop carefully, you almost manage to bring a bit of nature straight from the grocery shelf into the kitchen.

What domestic use may I use lemon juice for?

You will be surprised at how many other things your home can accomplish with lemon juice if you are already convinced of the benefits of lemons and lemon juice for your health.

Food and beverages

Yes, a squeeze of lemon juice makes anything taste better right away, whether it’s tea, a breaded cutlet, or a salad. But it’s also intriguing that a teaspoon of lemon juice might, for instance, aid with hiccups.

By minor pains and discomfort

Lemon juice works wonders for treating burnt tongue caused by overly hot food as well as insect bites that are no longer as itchy.

Of course, this is just a brief summary, but it should illustrate the benefits of keeping a bottle of lemon juice on hand.

Physique care

Lemon juice can be used to lighten hair as well as hands or as a conditioner for hair to make it more supple. For instance, lemon juice can be used to eliminate nicotine marks from the fingertips.

Polish every surface

A wonderful suggestion is to clean the mirror with lemon juice and polish it solely with newspaper in addition to the fact that lemon juice can ensure that copper shines once again in all its glory.


While a generous squeeze of lemon juice in a bucket of water makes the best all-purpose cleaner, pre-treating fruit or rust stains with a little lemon juice before washing will also help eliminate the stains more effectively. Using the acidic juice to descale kettles and other appliances is also cheap and environmentally friendly.