JAMU’s VITAL Concentrate


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15 € per bottle, no deposit, 500ml

✓ Developed and extensively tested in cooperation with pharmacies
✓ No sugar added
✓ Natural source of antioxidants
✓ 7-daily portions
✓ Vegan & gluten-free

Pharmacentralnumber 18100216

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At JAMU Organic Spices we strongly believe in making traditional medicine accessible to everybody. Developed and extensively tested in cooperation with pharmacies, JAMU’s VITAL Concentrate consists of a natural blend of medicinal herbs, roots, fruits and spices.

Carefully chosen, organic ingredients in JAMU’s VITAL Concentrate are potent antioxidants, which help nourish and hydrate your body and effortlessly combat the effects of free radicals! Our organic concentrate made of berries, fruits and spices contains no added sugar and has only 28 kcal per 200 millilitres of a (mixed with water) drink (single dose).

  • Mix JAMU’s VITAL Concentrate with water in a 1:5 ratio
  • For best results drink 35ml of the concentrate every morning and evening
  • Delivery time approx. 2-3 working days
  • Climate-friendly & safe shipping
  • 30 months shelf life from the production date. Can be kept refrigerated for up to 10 days after opening


Organic grape juice concentrate, organic currant juice*, organic aronia juice*, organic beet juice*, organic wild blueberry juice*, organic turmeric juice*, organic

blueberry juice*, organic elderberry juice concentrate, organic black pepper


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